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Reiki Offerings



Complete Healing & Activation Session

Complete energy healing includes reiki, arch-angelic energy and crystal energy, along with subconscious reprogramming and deeper healing needs such as energy cording and trauma release. With the aide of guides, angels and spirit, intuitive messages received will provide you guidance in order for you to reach optimal healing and activation.


Reiki And Archangelic Healing Session

Clearing, aligning and activating the Chakra system to remove blockages and stagnant energies that create disharmony from your purpose and base, allowing you to move forward with ease and grace. Multi modalites used such as Reiki (Universal Spiritually guided life force energy) and Arch-angelic Light (Celestial and Crystal Healing).


Lil' Reiki

Reiki can benefit children by promoting relaxation and confidence.  It can reduce anxiety and
symptoms of depression, improve concentration, enhance relaxation and sleep, as well as
enhance self-awareness and self-esteem. Reiki can be performed while they are in a chair or resting on the treatment table. Parents are invited to be present.

Join us on the journey to wellness, where healing begins from within. 

Complete List of Services

*Advanced courses require prerequisites. Contact LOE to discuss.

Exclusive Services

LOE Healing Center stands out by offering distinctive modalities that delve into the realms of energy work, providing a transformative experience that goes beyond conventional spiritual practices.


The program is designed to not only illuminate the path to self-discovery but also to reframe one's crown consciousness, creating a profound shift in perspective. Through specialized techniques, participants are guided towards opening their third eye, fostering a heightened awareness and connection to their inner selves.


This unique approach to soul connection facilitates a profound awakening to the higher self, inviting individuals to explore dimensions of consciousness that may have remained dormant. LOE is a beacon for those seeking a profound and holistic journey toward self-realization, introducing novel modalities that act as a catalyst for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Indulge in Ultimate Reiki Bliss: Elevate Your Experience with Crystal-Charged Water, Essential Oils, and Luxurious Hair Care.


Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing session where Reiki energy is channeled to your upper chakras while your head rests in a basin infused with essential oils and crystal-charged water.


Experience a revitalizing scalp treatment, detox, and cleanse, followed by a luxurious conditioning massage. Conclude your journey with a premium blowout, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and radiantly energized.


The human heart produces an electric current that runs through the body and to every cell. This electric current in the body generates an electromagnetic field.


When emotions such as anger, fear, and grief are not fully processed, they can become “stuck” and block the natural flow of energy in the body.


With the simple use of a magnet, combined with intention and tapping, the electric charge/trauma of trapped emotions can be reduced. When we are more aware of the emotions and limiting beliefs that are in our subconscious, we can mindfully work to heal and release them.


This is an advanced therapy, please consider an activation session first if you have not done lightwork in the last six months.


Attachments bind you to people, ideas, and things. Energy actively shifts within you every time you experience an emotion related to these bonds. Shifts in emotional energy actually show up in the frequency size of brain waves.


Emotional attachments and energy flows symbolize the myriad ties that bind us. These ties are also known as etheric cords. In Sanskritic yoga traditions, nadis – tubes or cords – run the length of our spine allowing positive and negative energy to flow through the chakra system.


If you are feeling disconnected to your partner and are not aligned with each other, this may be the rebalancing you need to get back on track energetically, emotionally and physically. By removing blockages that get in the way and enhancing perceptions to each other's past wounding and triggers as they heal, you can see the relationship through lens clarity and understanding.


Each person will receive an hour session individually and a hour combined session activating each other's energy via activities, discussion and rituals. You will take these tools home and apply them as needed. You will see the effects of energy healing and intuitive coaching as a catalyst for your relationship's highest well-being. Both masculine and feminine energies from each person will receive a deeper integration.


Please block 3 hours for this session,

Get in Touch

Please know that you are called to be here right now and if you are not sure where you should start we can help you figure that out. We are honored to serve you - send us an email or give us a call to discuss next steps. 

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