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Balanced Rocks

Sacred Offerings

Now offering gift card options for the person who has enough stuff but could use a soul tune up!

Healing Crystals, Local Artisan Gifts and Spiritual Tools

🌟🌙✨ Explore the enchanting world of spirituality and self-discovery at our newly expanded metaphysical shop, now nestled on the second floor of the Artmosphere Community Center. Immerse yourself in a haven of positive energy, where an array of crystals, tarot cards, teas, and oils await to ignite your spiritual journey.


We invite you to join us in this sacred space where possibilities unfold and connections are made. If you already have a vision of the mystical treasures you seek, send us a message, and let us curate a personalized delivery, bringing the magic right to your doorstep. Embrace the mystical and visit us at LOE Healing Space – your destination for all things metaphysical. 🌟🌙✨

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