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Frequently Asked Questions

Meditation & Breathwork

Breathwork is a New Age term for various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person's mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect. Being able to calm the spirit and connect to our higher consciousness is an effective way to tap into divine messages and relieve anxiety. Together, we will sit, quiet the mind, lean inward and journey to the answers you have always possessed. 

Energy Healing & Full Activation Session

Each healing session is individually crafted with your specific needs and intentions in mind. The approach used will utilize ancient wisdom as well as modern day neuroscience. These energy medicine sessions include both energy healing and intuitive guidance together. Complete energy healing includes reiki, arch-angelic energy and crystal energy, along with subconscious reprogramming and deeper healing needs such as energy cording and trauma release. May also include: past life akashic healings,, energetic tapping, soul healing meditations as well as  Aroma touch therapy with Symphony of the Cells™.  based on individual needs. 

Intuitive Coaching

Eradicate your limiting thoughts and beliefs. Reduce your stress levels, relationship roadblocks and career and health anxiety, Change the way you think and feel about past mistakes, challenging events and  "failures'.

A combination of cognitive conscious coaching,  Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), and divine light guidance geared to immediate results. These sessions are personalized mindset trainings; manifest intentions with purpose.

Reiki & Archangelic Healing

Clearing, aligning and activating the Chakra system to remove blockages and stagnant energies that create disharmony from your purpose and base, allowing you to move forward with ease and grace. Multi modalities used such as Reiki (Universal Spiritually guided life force energy) and Archangelic Light (Celestial Energy healing root cause). Crystal energy healing will be used in conjunction as needed. These sessions can be in person, via Zoom or phone.. Energy travels through time and space. Sessions may include chord cutting, subconscious healing, emotional release and healing past inner child trauma. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Alter limiting beliefs, societal conditionings, emotional eating, smoking behaviors to get to the  root cause and move toward resolution.  Unconscious behavioral guidance furnish suggestions to the brain  before conscious awareness. Those goals can be in line with our conscious intentions & purposes but at times they are not. Hypnotherapy is a type of mind-body intervention that can create  a state of focused attention to renewed awareness.

Remote Healing Sessions

All of the aforementioned services and methods are available remotely. Focusing on the mind, body, spirit connection together you drop into your body with a guided exploration intended to help you go inward. Paying attention to your internal sensations, such as whether an area feels hot, cold, light, heavy, aching, etc, is one of the core elements of these sessions. I will assist you by guiding you with questions to help you to navigate your way through visualizations, meditations and self-reflection.  with the intention of making sure you feel empowered at the end of every session.

1. **Reiki:**
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It involves the laying on of hands to channel energy and restore balance in the body.

How long does a typical Reiki session last?
Sessions typically last between 60 to 90 minutes, allowing ample time for the practitioner to address energy imbalances and promote overall well-being.

2. **Emotion Body Balance:**
What is Emotion Body Balance?
Emotion Body Balance is a holistic approach that focuses on balancing emotions and energy to promote mental and emotional well-being.

How can it help me?
This technique helps identify and release emotional blockages, fostering emotional resilience and creating a harmonious balance within.

3. **Intuitive Reading:**
What is an Intuitive Reading?
An Intuitive Reading involves tapping into intuitive abilities to provide insights and guidance on various aspects of life, relationships, and personal growth.

Can it predict the future?
While not predictive, Intuitive Reading can offer valuable perspectives and insights to help navigate present situations and make informed decisions.

4. **Energetic Cord Cutting:**
What does Energetic Cord Cutting involve?
Energetic Cord Cutting is a process of releasing unhealthy energetic connections or attachments to people, situations, or emotions, allowing for personal growth and freedom.

How often should one consider Energetic Cord Cutting?
The frequency may vary, but individuals often benefit from cord cutting sessions when they feel a need to release old patterns or move on from past experiences.

5. **Clinical Hypnotherapy:**
What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?
Clinical Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that uses guided relaxation and focused attention to help individuals achieve a heightened state of awareness, enabling positive behavioral changes.

Is hypnosis safe?
Yes, hypnosis is a safe and natural state of mind. The client remains in control and cannot be made to do anything against their will.

6. **Crown Consciousness Healing:**
What is Crown Consciousness Healing?
Crown Consciousness Healing is a holistic approach that focuses on balancing and aligning the energy associated with the crown chakra, promoting spiritual well-being and connection.

How does it differ from other energy healing modalities?
This modality specifically targets the crown chakra, fostering spiritual growth and awareness.

7. **Guided Meditation:**
What is Guided Meditation?
Guided Meditation is a meditation practice where an instructor guides participants through a series of visualizations and prompts to achieve relaxation and mental clarity.

Can beginners participate in Guided Meditation?
Absolutely! Guided Meditation is suitable for all levels, including beginners, and can be a great introduction to meditation.

8. **Energy Alignment:**
What does Energy Alignment involve?
Energy Alignment focuses on balancing and harmonizing the body's energy centers to promote overall well-being and vitality.

How many sessions are typically recommended for noticeable results?
The number of sessions varies, but many individuals experience positive changes after just a few sessions.

9. **Akashic Records:**
What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are said to be a metaphysical library that contains information about every soul's journey, past, present, and future.

How can accessing the Akashic Records benefit me?
Accessing the Akashic Records can provide insights into life challenges, relationships, and one's soul purpose, fostering personal growth and understanding.

10. **Archangelic Energy:**
What is Archangelic Energy?
Archangelic Energy is a healing modality that involves invoking the energy of archangels to provide healing, protection, and guidance.

Can anyone benefit from Archangelic Energy healing?
Yes, this healing modality is open to anyone seeking spiritual support and healing.

11. **Energy Tapping:**
What is Energy Tapping?
Energy Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), involves tapping on specific meridian points to release emotional and physical tension.

How quickly can one see results with Energy Tapping?
Some individuals may experience immediate relief, while others may notice gradual improvements over time.

12. **NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming):**
What is NLP?
NLP is a therapeutic approach that explores the connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns to help individuals achieve personal and professional success.

How can NLP benefit personal development?
NLP techniques can help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, improve communication, and achieve personal and professional goals.

13. **Aromatherapy:**
What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being through inhalation or topical application.

Which essential oils are commonly used in Aromatherapy?
Lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are popular essential oils known for their calming and therapeutic properties.

14. **Crystal Energy:**
How does Crystal Energy work?
Crystals are believed to have unique energies that can interact with the body's energy field, promoting balance, healing, and spiritual growth.

Can individuals without prior experience benefit from Crystal Energy sessions?
Absolutely! Crystal Energy sessions are suitable for individuals of all experience levels.

15. **Alchemy:**
What is Alchemy in a holistic context?
In a holistic context, Alchemy refers to the transformation and integration of mind, body, and spirit for personal growth and enlightenment.

How is Alchemy different from traditional practices?
Holistic Alchemy focuses on inner transformation and self-discovery, blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding.

16. **Symphony of Cells:**
What is the Symphony of Cells technique?
Symphony of Cells is a specific essential oil application technique designed to target various systems and areas of the body, promoting balance and vitality.

How long does a typical Symphony of Cells session last?
Sessions usually last around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the specific needs of the individual.

17. **Sound Bath Healing:**
What is Sound Bath Healing?
Sound Bath Healing involves the use of sound vibrations, such as singing bowls or gongs, to induce a meditative and healing state.

Can Sound Bath Healing benefit mental health?
Yes, many individuals find that Sound Bath Healing promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances mental clarity.

18. **Cranial Massage:**
What is Cranial Massage?
Cranial Massage focuses on gentle manipulation of the skull and its surrounding tissues to promote relaxation and release tension.

Is Cranial Massage suitable for everyone?
Yes, Cranial Massage is generally gentle and can be adapted to suit the individual's comfort level.

19. **Angel Card Readings:**
What are Angel Card Readings?
Angel Card Readings involve using angelic guidance through cards to provide insights, guidance, and support for various aspects of life.

How often should one seek Angel Card Readings?
The frequency can vary, but many individuals find value in regular readings to receive ongoing guidance and support.

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