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With a dedicated team of experienced and compassionate practitioners, we are committed to creating a sacred space for healing and self-discovery.

  • Complete two hour healing, coaching and activation session.

    2 hr

    155 US dollars
  • Remove blockages & stagnation that create disharmony from your purpose

    1 hr

    99 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Challenge roadblocks in health, career, relationships with mindfulness

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • Your subconscious mind controls 90% of your behavior! Rewire it!

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
  • RE-Balance and RE-Ignite the energy in your partnership, together.

    3 hr

    333 US dollars
  • This August LoE has a second location! Because City slickers need heal...

    1 hr

    111 US dollars

*Advanced courses require prerequisites. Contact LOE to discuss.

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