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Shadow Healing Sept Sessions

Shadow work provides an in-depth insight into the psyche and its components. It offers healing, coping mechanisms and helps with self-realization, which will elevate your overall being in this human existence.

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Shadow Healing  Sept Sessions
Shadow Healing  Sept Sessions

Time & Location

Sep 12, 2021, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Artmosphere, 3919 Raleigh Rd, Clayton, NC 27520, USA

About the event

We come into this world with  malleable minds. We discover our sense of self by interacting with the world, which includes: caregivers, teachers, friends, relatives, etc., and based on what we learn, we form core beliefs, opinions, and ideas.

We build perceptions of ourselves by internalizing the beliefs given to us by people around us. And as we grow into adults, our ego solidifies. We start defining ourselves by the views and ideologies we imbibe.

Not all beliefs are a part of conscious awareness. Some hide in the psyche’s deep recesses, where we don’t have direct access, but they have an overwhelming effect on our thoughts and behaviors.

This creates a great divide between what we believe ourselves to be and who we are. It acts as a filter for every piece of information that enters our conscious mind.

We allow only the information that conforms with our pre-existing beliefs. We develop liking and kindness towards certain things and create aversion and hatred for others.

This series will open us up to deep alchemical shadow healing by identifying, engaging and making peace with that part of self. It is through the integration of shadow healing that we can really fully undestand our true selves without ego interfering and holding us back. We will learn to embrace our selves as whole, supreme being. It it through our darkness that we can find our light. 

This series will be available in person and via zoom.  Participants have the option to how they want to participate. In person participants may also join the zoom sessions. A private facebook group will be created for this series. We will do rituals  during and in between the weeks of the series via a facebook group.There will be suggested activities based on what you will be working on specifically for you.  As a supplement we will be working with Wisdom of the Shadow oracle deck that may be purchased on your own separately if you desire but not required. This deck was created by my priestess initiator and  creatix, Jessica Ricchetti and artist Jenny Hahn. 

The three themes of each circle include:

- Healing from shame and guilt. All the resistance and self imposed emotions from circumstances, trauma and situations in which created internal fight and flight mechanisms to protect us yet disallow us to live freely. Sexual trauma will be a topic in this session and how the violation to our spirit impacts all of our relationships. We will discuss how to hold self care boundaries and regain our sensual side. 

- Self betrayal throughout our lives. Healing from all the times we gave away our power,  develop codepency, unhealthy attachments and addictions.  We need to address the hurt and face the fears so we may  disallow fear to control us. Handling the resistance we receive from our shadow that aches to be healed  it vital so it does not control the narrative. When we dishonor the hard feelings and ignore what we really need deep within we  continually feel an emptiness and a frustration within. 

- Vulnerability and Courage.  By regaining confidence in ourselves and trusting our inner wisdom to expand our heart energy to take on our dreams and unveil our true selves is liberating to our soul. When we work through the struggles and learn how to adapt to the ever changing climates and shifts life bring, we are equipped with the ability to decipher from what our shadow is communicating to us and what is our highest good to embrace at each moment in time. It is when we expand our self worth that we have the courage to be all that we are. 

Dates for in person:

Sundays 8/29, 9/12  and 9/26 10:30 to 1:00 pm

How the Shadow effects our behaviour.

The shadow archetype is heavily influenced by the collective unconscious. It consists of things that we have repressed due to their afflicting nature or that we simply deem unimportant.

It contains traits that we dislike and don’t want to deal with. They are hate, anger, jealously, greed, secrets, envy, abuse, trauma, taboos, perversions, or anything that we perceive as shameful, evil, or unholy. Through repression, we push these afflicting traits into the unconscious that collectively forms the shadow.

The shadow is the dark side of ourselves that we have forgotten and disowned. Suppressing the shadow can result in severe consequences like addictions, low self-worth, anti-social behavior, sexual perversions, chronic illnesses, neurosis, and various psychological ailments.

The shadow impacts our lives in a myriad of unsuspecting ways. We see that even the most accomplished and successful people suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Have you ever been in a situation where you abruptly lost your temper and became rageful over something insignificant only to regret later? You felt confused as to why you behaved in that manner? Why you behaved in this monstrous way?

The shadow work revealed to me that the monster is not out there but within us. It is a part of ourselves. It lurks in the darkness and rears its ugly hood at the most unpredictable times. It is so overpowering that we lose all control over our rational and logical abilities.

As a defense mechanism, our ego creates a false image of ourselves. We believe ourselves to be good, humble, obedient, law-abiding, and compassionate human beings with high ethics and values.

We become rageful whenever something or someone attempts to tarnish that self-created image. And that when we unleash the monster. That’s when our dark side emerges.

Our shadow is hidden to us but visible to other people. All the things that we despise in others are a part of our personality.


  • Two In Person Sessions

    September 12 and September 26

    +$1.93 service fee
    Sale ended
  • Single Ticket Purchase Sept 12

    +$0.95 service fee
    Sale ended



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