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About Elaine

A Gifted Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Business Coach

Her primary focus is always about  guiding you to your true power!  Through mind and body awareness, Elaine will help you gain the perspective you need to be more connected to yourself, soul purpose, and relationships. You are limitless when you claim your power and  live in the alignment of your truth. 

An experienced leader with over 15 years of corporate experience has successfully pursued  a higher life purpose calling to bridge the secular and collective consciousness communities. Through mindfulness training and effective alternative healing services she guides clients to enrich and thrive in work and life. She is a difference maker and catalyst for energy alchemy in the lives of individuals and business groups alike.


Specializing in leading intimate groups through healing practices that  build connectedness and team synchronicity.


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The Mission

Collectively, the world is in need of  time and space to press pause on the daily routine. That is why Light of Elaine was created, so our community can self-reflect and reconnect with themselves in a beautiful and serene atmosphere. Physical and mental wellbeing are of upmost importance to living a healthy authentic  life, and it  requires practice and dedication.

As we journey through life, we often become what we are not, the further away we disconnect from who we really are the more resistance we feel from the Universe, the more out of balance we become energetically. Continued events that lead to more blockages reroute us to live outside of our authentic truth.  To reach one's maximum potential we need to remove the layers that stifle our growth and  navigate the way back to center. Allow me to join you, let us walk through it together to strengthen your body, mind and soul..

Utilizing many energy modalities including reiki, angelic and crystal healing, tapping into emotion code and subconscious rewiring techniques will lead to deepened awareness.

The approach is a soulfully aligned leadership.   By tapping into your intuition, spiritual wisdom and higher consciousness of love and compassion you can connect to a life without anxiety and lead by our instinctual driver of Divine Source Energy.

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